Contest Rules


No electric instrument and no instrument playing '"lead" will be permitted as backup. No fiddler will be allowed more than 2 accompanying instruments. Any stringed
instrument is acceptable as backup.

Songs that will not be allowed in the contest are: Mockingbird, Black Mountain
Rag, and Orange Blossom Special. Note: Double shuffle is acceptable, especially
if it is a traditional part of the song. Trick fiddling is not recommended.

The winner of the last four age brackets will compete for the 1890's Day Master Fiddle Champ Trophy. Three tunes will be required in the fiddle off, a fast tune, a waltz, and a tune of choice.

Each contestant will draw a number when registering. That number will be his
number throughout the contest and will determine the order of performance in all

In each fiddler's presentation, they will be allowed no more than 5 minutes. They
must play a fast tune and a waltz. Each fiddler must be prepared to give their
tunes, in order of performance, when they register. The M.C will then announce
the tunes. Exceeding the time limit will result in a 30 point reduction from the
total score. Time begins when the first note is played and continues between

Contestants should be ready to compete when called to the stage. Contestants will be required to begin their first tune within 30 seconds from the time they are
announced to the judges. Consideration will be given for broken strings,
switching instruments, etc. Violation of this rule will result in a loss of 30 points
and/or disqualification. It is the responsibility of the contestant to hear his event
called from the stage. Failure to respond, after the 3rd call, will result in
elimination. You will not be permitted to perform out of order. If you are not
available when called, you will not get to compete.

In the event a contestant or accompanist breaks a string, they will be allowed to restart their tune. The contestant has 30 seconds to decide whether to stop and start over or to continue the tune. Any stoppage, after the 30 second grace period, will result in the tune being scored as is.

The decision of the judges is final.  Any contestant or accompanist, who harasses, threatens or verbally abuses a judge will first be warned and then expelled from the contest.

Any person working with the 1890's Days Jamboree will not be permitted to participate in the competition in any way.

No one will be allowed to compete in more than one division.

If at least 4 contestants are not entered in each age division, then the contestants
in that age bracket will be required to compete in the next higher age bracket.

All dancers will dance to music provided by the 1890's Days band. All dancers are encouraged to dance to the same tune, but that is not required. Emphasis is on
authenticity, rhythm, timing, and execution. In this event, contestants are not
restricted to a certain step or style, but are encouraged to express their individual
dance styles.

In the team competition, a minimum of 4 couples will dance to one tune. A
routine of 4 1/2 minutes is recommended. Dancers will he judged according to authenticity, taste, appearance, intensity, energy, timing, and over all expression
in executing the dance routine. Please enter and leave the stage in an orderly and
practiced fashion.